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Time in this game moves in 'ticks', with each movement of the player causing the 'tick' to occur. To start the game, move until the title fades, then a single square of static appears, moving onto this square starts the first puzzle. When puzzles are completed, this square of static will appear again.

The automata used in this is 'non-transitive'; red eats blue, green eats red, and blue eats green. To complete a stage, the player needs to disrupt this cycle by drawing white lines (hold left shift while moving).

In short, breaking the cycle lets the automata burn out.

When the player moves into a colored region, they take on a secondary color that is a mixture of the two 'safe colors'. Whenever the player moves onto the other 'safe color' they will take on the new secondary color that indicates the new 'safe colors'.

  • R => Magenta => Safe on R & B
  • B => Cyan => Safe on B & G
  • G => Yellow => Safe on G & R

If the player moves on to the 'unsafe color', they will display static and be unable to draw the disrupting lines for several ticks.

In short, moving against the vortices of the automata counts against the player.


TriskeonWin.zip 12 MB

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