Having accidentally spilled an experimental monster-repellent on yourself, you now have to fight off the waves of incoming slimes! Luckily, you're a master at wizard-pogs or whatever, so show those slimes what for and get a refund on that monster-repellent!

Cast spells by kicking the dice into the air with space and shoot them out of the air with left-click to collect active mana. Two active mana of the same color are required to cast the corresponding spell. Dice that land without being shot will contribute passive mana, which adds to the damage of the next spell cast of the same color. Each mana type can have at most 6 mana, after which extra passive mana spills over to other mana types. If all mana types have 6 passive mana, the extra mana heals the player!

Aiming down the three lanes is done by leaning left/right with either AD or the arrow keys.


  • Roll Dice: Space
    • Knocks the dice into the air. Only affects dice currently on the ground.
  • Shoot: L-click
    • Shooting a die will give you active mana of the same color as side facing up.
  • Lean: AD or Left and Right Arrows
    • Leans left/right respectively. Used to select left or right lanes for spells.

Development log


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I think I like the game, but I confess that I didn't quite understand what was causing a particular spell to trigger. I believe there was a really interesting system underneath it all that I should have been paying attention to. However, I ended up just hitting space and clicking on the dice as fast as I could, regardless of what type of spell ended up being cast. I think there may have been more complexity than I was able to handle in what rapidly began to feel like a time-contrained decision space. Perhaps consider adjusting the dice to just show numbers 1 through 4, and the sum of all dice clicked become the power of a single generic spell. It reduces the design space (and likely the fun for you as the creator), but it also lowers the complexity to become just "click the dice such that they show a high number".

This is definitely a big scope for a 3-hour jam. Nice work with what you were able to achieve. I'm sorry that I couldn't fully appreciate it all due to my tiny brain, however.