A tense action arcade game made for Ludum Dare 51!

Click-and-drag your ships to dash about the space. Dashing into enemies destroys them. Dashing incurs a cooldown that increases with each dash. The cooldown resets at each wave.

NOTE: Don't play it in full screen, unity's doing something dumb...

Music by Josef Pres.

Development log


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Fun game! I got a score of 355 and 23 waves. I think my favorite part was when I had two ships. My only feedback which is super small is the music was a bit repetitive when the game went on so long. A fun thing you could add if you continue the project I think is more ships. Controlling 2 was fun so I bet 3 or 4 would be fun too. Also would add to the chaos haha. I had a fun time playing.