For those of us who have been trapped inside for the last couple of years, a game where you can drive anywhere in the continental US! Navigate using the map (M) and compass (look up) and find your way across the plains and mountains of a scale accurate representation of the US.

NOTE: If the cursor is not captured by the game (leaves the frame or camera stops turning), press E to release the cursor and left click to capture it again.

WASD or Arrows to drive
Mouse for camera look
M brings up the map, click and drag to zoom and pan
R to toggle radio, F and G change stations

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Tags3D, Driving, Exploration, nature, Open World, Singleplayer

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Drove to Canada, found inner peace.


Game is great,but i must to say,something bad about your Game,when i play your game like 5 minutes,graphics hurts my eyes,and i think Camera need to follow the car, My Point is   6/10 and Mechanics are great!!

Your game is so great! I would like to donate a small amount, is there a contact point?

Love it! Especially the in-world compass :D