For those of us who have been trapped inside for the last couple of years, a game where you can drive anywhere in the continental US! Navigate using the map (M) and compass (look up) and find your way across the plains and mountains of a scale accurate representation of the US.

NOTE: If the cursor is not captured by the game (leaves the frame or camera stops turning), press E to release the cursor and left click to capture it again.

WASD or Arrows to drive
Mouse for camera look
M brings up the map, click and drag to zoom and pan
R to toggle radio, F and G change stations

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
Tags3D, Driving, Exploration, nature, Open World, Singleplayer

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I'd like to call in to the radio show... however, i cannot tell if they say the phone number

Did I leave reality? I can't find where I am on the map. Like, at all.


(looks like you went off the map, probably near Nova Scotia? The texture is set to clamp, hence the weirdness)


How can you tell where you're at?

Lookin', thinkin', reckonin'

Well, even the old school way you'd have landmarks listed to help you pinpoint your location. Driving around aimlessly ain't bad though, at least until you feel you've been driving over the same flat greens for a while.

Yeah, the Midwest suck™

Mountains are cool though


At least we got corn! .........Lots and lots of corn.




Drove to Canada, found inner peace.


Game is great,but i must to say,something bad about your Game,when i play your game like 5 minutes,graphics hurts my eyes,and i think Camera need to follow the car, My Point is   6/10 and Mechanics are great!!

Your game is so great! I would like to donate a small amount, is there a contact point?

Love it! Especially the in-world compass :D