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Haha awesome, especially the end! love it

The graphics are very retro, I love the dithering between colors!

After getting Carcinization I couldn't press R anymore - or any other key except for Space.

There are more crab themed games in this game jam than I expected.

I thought 0, there are 2 that I’ve seen so far

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We Need a wider repertoire of Crab Combatants!
I Love Whacking them crabbbsss  - HardDuckman <3 

nice game:D

the shader was a bit disorienting at first, and i didn't know i could pick up the sticks either, but once i got it was a fun way to kill time
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Thanks! Had a good time making this!

Sorry about the confusion, still in the process of putting up info about the game including a gameplay trailer (in lieu of a tutorial).