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Note: This game was built with Tobii eye-tracking, but will work if no eye-tracking is present on the system. In that case, the 'no eye track' icon will appear in the center of the screen and is used as the gaze point.

This game uses standard WASD first person controls.

There have been some issues with understanding the objective, so here are a few hints to get the game started.

  1. Walk along the cliff to your left until you get to the two pillars in front of you.
  2. Pick up the flask on the altar. This will lock you in place until the next step is complete.
  3. Look upward towards the large star that is framed by the pillars. (If not using Eye Tracking, place the ‘no eye track’ icon on the star. If using eye tracking, simply look at the star)
  4. Once the star does what it does, there will be a clear path through the rest of the environment.


AllButStarlightHere_Win.zip 163 MB

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